Aryan Skynet

Crackdown article Stories and images like the above have proliferated in the news since Trump’s inauguration; but does the bite of his immigration “enforcement surge” match its bark?

The mainstream narrative would have it that, with Trump’s inauguration, a hell of jackbooted totalitarianism was unleashed across the country, scenes from Punishment Park exploding into actuality as neo-fascist Immigration and Customs Enforcement shock troops crack skulls and round up the innocent displaced browns en masse. Trump is literally attempting to ban Muslims from entering the country, as well – or so we are told – but is the administration really serious, as so many of his diehard supporters believe, about preserving the demographic balance of the U.S.?

Crackdown search Hundreds of recent articles give the impression of an aggressive and very thorough immigration crackdown, but Trump’s policies on closer examination are really more of a mixed bag on illegal and legal immigration alike.


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