Aryan Skynet

History repeats itself in Syria. Now, as decades ago, the peoples of the Middle East find themselves the beneficiaries and the victims of a renewed theater in the Cold War between the United States and Russia. The first generation of neoconservative opinionmakers was eager to exaggerate the threat of Soviet expansionism because it provided the perfect excuse to lobby for U.S. aid to Israel to counterbalance the seeming menace of Soviet-allied Arab states. Cold War escalation also served neoconservative ends in forging military-industrial alliances and promoting the ideal of the United States as an international avenger and a global defender of abstract democratic values. “For the duration of the Cold War,” writes Muhammad Idrees Ahmad, “it had been possible for the Israel lobby to justify the transfer of extraordinary amounts of cash and hardware to Israel on the grounds that it served a US strategic interest keeping Soviet proxies at…

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