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“Also, no offense, Ideological Content Analysis? I read your review of The Collector [he means The Collection] and it seems to me you are trying to find meaning in something where there is none. To each his own, but I couldn’t disagree more with your spiel.” – Anonymous

“So my enjoyment of and admiration for this film [Django Unchained] demonstrates that I have been indoctrinated into vile bloodlust against all white-skinned people, does it? Thankfully, my only indoctrination has been against the sort of logical error which has led you to such an untenable conclusion. You do not mean to be offensive, but unfortunately your view is – extremely so.” – Philip Davies

“Good God. You’re insane.” – Arn McConnell

“I have zero interest in reading the lunatic notions of a white supremacist apologist. Nor do I care to waste any more life interacting with one on a movie page. Enjoy your sad little life, ICA.” – Arn McConnell

“What an amazingly puerile review. The critic here is a flash speaking moron that can’t separate fact from fiction in an attempt to throw anachronistic grudges at inappropriate targets. It is clear from this smarmy and filth laden hatchet job that any film treatment of Lincoln would be unacceptable as progressive and therefore against the interests of what passes for taste. […] all the more immediate points made in this blog are specious, pseudo-intellectual and worthless. […] Here’s wishing the author of this piece will find a career as far removed from writing as is humanly possible: working on a honeydipper in the deep south sounds about right.” – Peter Talbot

“I really think you are reading too much into this film [Doggie B], you should do something better with your time.” – Anonymous

“revisionist moron” – Hudson Marquez

“Funny how anti-Jewish bigots have adopted the language of ‘international relations studies’.” – Keith Berry

“Whenever I find out that someone thinks that the ‘Zionist problem’ is one of the major things desperately in need of fixing to ensure the stability of the world I know to check out. Upset about that Israeli aid? Well hey – all those dollars can stop flowing tomorrow if those pesky neighbors just decide to live and let live and stop sending 12 year-olds over in suicide vests to blow up pizza paroles [sic]. But I guess since they have Allah on their side I’ll just have to support them, right. I also love your deeply humanitarian concern for the innocent victims of drone strikes but none that I saw for Israeli citizens. […] Hope you find a nice ‘final solution’ to that ‘Zionist problem’.” – Horace Cordier

“Before the internet we’d just have to listen to this nonsense when we were stuck sitting next to this guy on the bus.” – Ian Boothby

“Wow keep promoting your hate filled thoughts.” – Wes

“Wow can you be more racist and hatful [sic]. Like most libertarians you hide behind a mask but are really just neo-conservatives without the balls to admit to it.” – Wes

“Wow your hatred and stupidity is showing again. I love how you try to cover it up with pseudo intellectual bullshit.” – Nick (aka Wes)

“So lets see you hate Jewish people,women,homosexuals. Is there anyone besides Caucasians you do like?” – Nick (aka Wes)

“Big surprise you [sic] list links to a known woman hater and anti Semitic sites.” – Nick (aka Wes)

“More anti Jewish bullshit from this idiot” – Wes

“Give it a rest will ya. Always the joooooos…. 😦they seed the clouds with weather dust, they control the water, they hide nuclear fusion in their matzah factories…. the Joooos…. always da jooooooossss….. whatever.” – Anonymous

3 out of 5 stars [for A Haunted House]? Have you ever rated a movie below 3? Its a little disturbing you find even this shit to be at least half good.” – Bleach

“How much damage has porn addiction inflicted on you? What is the minimum level of degradation necessary for your dopamine-saturated brain to stimulate an erection by this point? Gang bangs? Anal? Interracial cuckolding?” – Bleach

“Burn in shit you fucking Nazi racist cumstain. We Jewd [sic] are gonna cut your balls off and feed them to your sistah! Never forget!!” – Sol Rosenbaum

“Jones & I got your number, kid. You’re clearly working on behalf of the Fourth Reich. Roll over and play dead or get bitten by the big dogs. 1776 Redux! No to tyranny!” – “Jesse Ventura”

“Coocoo” – Christo_72

“It’s always nameless anonymous people who bitch about Jews all day.” – Jay Dyer

“You’d just rather find a way to marginalize and dismiss something that transgresses your personal boundaries than have to understand, acknowledge, or change those boundaries.” – FartingSunshine

“That website is just completely terrible. […] if you want to rant about right-wing beliefs write essays, not movie reviews.” – Jeff Burk

“Dude, just go away. No one is going to fall for your right-wing bullshit. If you don’t like horror movies, don’t watch them. And I just need to point out how hilarious it is that you claim ‘most people don’t know the difference’ between fake violence and real violence and they use black/white couples as an example. I really hope you’re a troll and not just an idiot.” – Jeff Burk

“It sounds like all he’s saying is ‘I’m a typical right-wing authoritarian. Everything I like is either endorsed by God or the Natural Order. Everything that makes me uncomfortable is a threat to human civilization itself.'” – Tariffless

“You have to admit, it’s an effective format for drawing in readers who wouldn’t otherwise have touched his writings with a ten foot pole.” – Tariffless

“Just how stupid are you?” – klmd

“This is the stupidest shit that I’ve ever read.” – sympathico

“Sadly, you are among the pathetic souls who dream of being insiders, but are locked out. Your fate is inevitable. Your future has been defined by others. Give up.” – nobody666

“The fuck is this shit” – TheWhiteUsher

“There has to be a better way to spend your time dude” – shaneo632

“The author of this article should be sterilized by the state.” – shoopadoop24

“‘von Kook’ is either provocateur or autiste.” – Bronze Age Pervert

“Eat shit Nazi pigs.” – National Institute of Garbology founder A.J. Weberman

“It was interesting to read such a harsh biased interpretation of Bono’s life, work and path that he has chosen to carry out his contributions. What is unfortunate that in the attempt to discredit the man’s work and judge his motives this piece completely misses the point and misunderstands everything he stands for and his reasons for doing what it is he does. His work is NOT right wing or political, it’s bipartisan. Edun is NOT a mispelling [sic] of Eden, it’s Nude spelt backwards. Bono is not the messiah. He is not able to solve all the world’s problems, but he is doing what he is able to do in his capacity. Some people do nothing, they don’t care. This is probably one of the most poorly researched incorrect opinions that I have ever read. It begs to ask the author if they know how to present facts. The man is doing a good job. If I was Bono, I would sue your ass off.” – Anne Marie McGowan

“That post is so bonkers that I’m not going to dignify it with a rebuttal. Anyone with eyes in their head and a working brain can see that you’re just inventing stuff and none of it makes any sense.” – falsescorpion

“what’s your problem, really? black supremacy? this is a disgraceful remark, considering the history of this country’s racism and this country’s racist film industry. calling denzel washington’s character an ex ‘spook’ is unacceptable. and your obsession with defending christianity is suspect. how refreshing to to see a film that overturns both whitewashing and the trope of the white savior. as for you, you must have voted for trump.” – Gloria Monti

“Bwahhh! This isn’t crazy enough!!!!!! Not nearly enough about his Jew hair or his non blonde wife!!! Gahh, they ask for money for a house at a bank like a stupid Jew would( or I guess any married couple or educated family or couple)! Awww and then they ask for help like a Jew would ( from neighbors like anyone living in a society) then funny stuff happens. Bet it [i.e., Neighbors 2] would have been funnier if there was no Jew stuff right? ( you Jew hating ignorant Nazi retard)?” – SerWadeDayne

“This is possibly one of the worst, if not THE ABSOLUTE WORST movie REVIEW and REVIEWER I’ve probably ever seen. Could you be more white-supremacist, mysoginistic, or societally tone deaf? Take your white nationalist self and autofornicate. Please.” – Jingo Robin Hood