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Aryan Skynet

Paul F. Nehlen, III (born May 9, 1969) is a successful businessman turned politician. After a failed 2016 bid to unseat Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Nehlen is running again.

But this time, Nehlen’s campaign is a bit more than the Tea Party-style, America-First, anti-Trans-Pacific Partnership jobs and borders platform of his first run. This time, Nehlen is using Twitter to post “It’s OK To Be White” memes and, famously, earning him the hatred of Jewish hate groups like the ADL & the SPLC, as well as a denouncement by the neo-Zionist website and former Trump campaign manager Steve Bannon, for posting that he was reading Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s seminal work, “The Culture of Critique.”

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Aryan Skynet

If most of the junk mail I receive comes from the usury industry, the second-biggest category is probably insurance companies. One of the firms whose trash I occasionally dig out of my mailbox is the Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company, based in Oklahoma City. Specifically, I receive from them advertisements for their children’s life insurance programs. Adorning the envelope and the spiel inside are cartoon depictions of children – always in varying shades of brown. What a tacky exploitation of blacks’ gullibility, I think to myself as I stuff the mailings in the garbage.

insurance7 Here’s the little cartoon Tyrone whose image appears in the junk from Globe.

insurance8 And here’s Globe Life President Bill Leavell, whose signature appears on the company’s letters. Looks like a compassionate guy.

Googling the matter, however, I find that the children’s “life insurance” industry facilitates an even more disgusting phenomenon than I had naively assumed…

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Sorry about the low-substance post this week, guys, but my access to the internet is limited for the time being and this is basically me just saying hello before going silent again for a while. Don’t worry, though, I’ll be back bigger, badder, and more mercilessly whip-wielding than Christ in the temple!

Aryan Skynet

Exodus Song

Hollywood “conservative” Pat Boone was always a useless philo-Semitic shill for his Third World “Judeo-Christian” cult, even going as far as to donate the royalties on his recording of the Exodus theme to the Zionist cause; but I thought Skynet might still enjoy this amusing anecdote from Boone’s 1970 memoir A New Song, concerning the singer’s efforts to save the sin-imperiled youth of Beverly Hills during the tumultuous, sex-and-drug-tempted countercultural era:

[…] I suppose there are more than twenty of these girls who have come to know Jesus in the last year. Many of them have come from homes of famous parents who haven’t had time for religion. And interestingly enough, some of these parents are now starting to wonder just what it is that’s caused such happy changes in their kids.

One girl was telling me the other evening that her mother, a well-known actress who is estranged…

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Aryan Skynet

“Reports have just come out claiming that the United States and Israel have signed a secret deal to tackle the nuclear threat from Iran, so it looks like the deal isn’t so secret anymore. The far-reaching Memorandum of Understanding was signed on December 12th at the White House following intense talks between both nations and plans to set up four teams to handle various aspects of the Iranian threat. One team will focus on Iranian activity in Syria and Lebanon, another will deal with both diplomatic and intelligence activities to grapple with Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions, a third will tackle Iran’s ballistic missile program and the fourth will oversee preparations for any escalation by Iran or Hezbollah.”

Are these protests in Iran spontaneous, or are they the result of another regime change operation? This week on The Corbett Report, James explores the past, present and future of US and…

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rough night

Aspiring state senator Jess (Scarlett Johansson) agrees to join a handful of her old college friends for one last decadent blast in Miami before tying the knot. The challenge will be to get through the debauchery of the bachelorette blowout planned by old pal Alice (Jillian Bell) without tarnishing her public image in advance of the vote. Some tension between the chubby Alice and Jess’s new Australian buddy Pippa (Kate McKinnon) notwithstanding, the getaway seems to be going well enough until the accidental death of a stripper (Ryan Cooper), which has the women scrambling to dispose of the body before their lives – and, of course, Jess’s electoral prospects – are ruined forever. Rough Night is not exactly bad in the way that being bent over a toilet vomiting is bad, for example; but it is rather bad in the sense that the feeling of having squandered an evening is arguably worse.


3 out of 5 stars. Ideological Content Analysis indicates that Rough Night is:

6. Green, with Al Gore receiving an endorsement.

5. Pro-gay, with Ilana Glazer appearing as token lesbian buddy Frankie. A black transvestite DJ also contributes to the movie’s festive atmosphere.

4. Activism-ambivalent. Frankie participates in a protest of government surveillance, but her idealism is characterized as, at best, a side-effect of the idleness of the unemployed. Hers is a loser’s pastime, a dismissive assessment reinforced when she later announces her resolution to take a “protest dump”.

3. Pro-miscegenation – and, honestly, it’s the rare Hollywood product these days that doesn’t fall into this category in one way or another. This time, it’s mystery meat lesbos.

2. Feminist/pro-slut, with Alice looking forward to “swimmin’ in dick”. Alice’s assortment of sex novelties – penis glasses and the like – is supposed to be funny, but the whole hedonistic ethos unintentionally bores and comes across as stale in this film, which surely represents peak slut and the high-water mark for blasé depravity in western civilization. Blair (Zoe Kravitz) experiences a revelatory orgasm when, as part of a plan to steal a surveillance video, she participates in a threesome with swinger Demi Moore and her husband. The consequences of promiscuity are, moreover, trivialized when one of Blair’s friends reassures her, “Whatever. We all have HPV.” Anyone, the screenplay suggests, who has had sex after 1991 has probably contracted HPV – so what’s the point of being careful, right? The stripper dies immediately after having called Jess a slut, the viewer having the impression that his death is a form of instant karma.

1.Pro-drug. In a flashback sequence to Jess’s college days, she wears a costume referencing marijuana culture. Frankie, complimented on her scent, replies that she has a pound of weed in her bra. Elsewhere, the movie promotes abuse of prescription drugs like the tranquilizer Xanax (“Oh, God, that was good”). Perhaps most disturbingly, Rough Night joins the ranks of Ted, Trainwreck, White Girl, and Office Christmas Party in rehabilitating recreational cocaine use. Coke, in Rough Night, facilitates the bonding of a girls’ night out: “It would mean so much to me if we could do a little bit of cocaine together,” Alice pleads. The filmmakers could point to the fact that Alice is under the influence of cocaine when she accidentally kills the stripper – but her sexual recklessness turns out to have been serendipitous when the stripper is revealed to have been a dangerous criminal.

Rainer Chlodwig von K.

Aryan Skynet

It is always interesting to revisit movies from one’s childhood and determine whether or not they still hold up. Our fondness for these films is often clouded by nostalgia for whatever the state of our lives may have been at the time. For social justice busybodies and tumblristas, revisiting childhood movies is often a traumatic experience, as they discover their favorite films as a kid are tainted by what would today be classified as “problematic” themes and wrongthink. They find themselves suddenly offended by scenes that they didn’t know were offensive until social norms radically changed, and the material no longer conformed. At that point, they just can’t even.

Those of us who reside somewhere on the other side of the PC spectrum, experience a different kind of disappointment when re-familiarizing ourselves with a tv show or movie we remember fondly (aside from it simply being not as good…

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Aryan Skynet


One of the developing stories setting the tone for 2018 is the outbreak late in December of unrest in Iran that mainstream news outlets CNN and Fox have attributed to economic discontent and disillusionment with Iranian expenditure on foreign involvements. “The people of Iran are crying out for freedom,” UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has declared, making clear the Trump administration’s support for the protesters. Opinion in the alternative media has been wildly divergent. A tearful and self-professedly “passionate” Stefan Molyneux, who acknowledges personal bias, has characterized the protests by those “choking on theocratic dictatorship” and thirsting for “liberty” as being “heroic beyond words”.

Iran2 Israelis? Soros? Rothschilds? Homos? The theories vary …

America First’s Nick Fuentes, situating Iranian developments within the broader Middle East context, is skeptical of the claims that these are spontaneous demonstrations and indicates what he sees as a lack of any logical catalyst for…

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star wars box office

The Left dominates the culture, but it does not (yet) completely control it — hence, for example, the War On Christmas Resistance, Gamergate, and of course the election of Donald J. Trump. Now Star Wars Episode VIII (The Last Jedi), released in mid-December to resounding applause from Main Stream Media reviewers is tanking, well behind the 2015 Star Wars movie The Force Awakens [Fans Speak with Closed Wallets as “The Last Jedi” Now $175 Mil Behind “Force Awakens”,, December 24, 2017]. It may not be a border wall, but it’s something.

According to, 92 percent of critics loved The Last Jedi, compared an audience score of only 52 percent. the lowest audience score of any Star Wars film. The MSM is blaming the Alt-Right, although this debacle is far beyond the power of a still-nascent movement. […]

[Read the rest of Kersey’s review at VDare.]

Aryan Skynet

Pamela Hansford Johnson Pamela Hansford Johnson (1912-1981)

The novelist Pamela Hansford Johnson, who was assigned in 1966 to cover the trial of murderer Ian Brady and his accomplice Myra Hindley for The Sunday Telegraph, later published a book on the subject titled On Iniquity: Some Personal Reflections Arising out of the Moors Murder Trial. Johnson is largely concerned with the question of censorship and cites the presence of books about the Marquis de Sade and the NSDAP in Ian Brady’s personal library – Johnson’s insinuation being that a society so permissive as to allow its population free access to the works of Sade might soon find itself plunged into the horrors of Nazi Holocaust. On Iniquity is, in short, a work inoperably cuckolded in its bizarre conflation of nationalism with pornography, sexual violence, and pedophilia. Only once does Johnson allow herself to stray from the path of sociological propriety, and it…

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Aryan Skynet

Aryan Skynet recently spotlighted the positive and nationalistic aspects of the program of Romanian Communist statesman Nicolae Ceausescu, whose conducatorship came to an end in December of 1989. Following the outbreak of disorder among the Hungarian minority in Timisoara and a genocidal crackdown by the government – or so the historical orthodoxy goes – a national “revolution” erupted, Ceausescu was deposed, and he and his wife, Elena, were given a hasty trial and executed on Christmas of that year. “Oh, what wonderful news!” an unknown broadcaster then announced over Radio Bucharest: “The Anti-Christ died on Christmas Day!” Favoring rather a different metaphor to describe the deposed leader, Carmen Burcea-Haber writes that many Romanians “now presume his colleagues decided to make him the sacrificial lamb and save their own skin.” The group usurping control of the government had christened itself the “National Salvation Front” – the natural foil to the hated…

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