“I sometimes imagine things like this as if they were part of some kind of science fiction fantasy story. Like, if I were to buy a vintage, new old stock pair of these Ambervision sunglasses off Etsy or Ebay and put them on, would I be transported back to another time?” [Possibly the only time-travel scenario lazier and more half-assed than Somewhere in Time‘s imagine-yourself-back technique would be the Ambervision puts-on-sunglasses method. – RCvK]

Read the rest: Ambervision and The Amber Age of Infomercials | Stepkid.com


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Did you know that the preeminent Christians always feel as if they are never good enough? Or “clean” enough to be considered a child of God? But Trump is clean, right? Does clean = not guilty? Absolved and forgiven for everything? Perfect?

Jesus Jumping Jehoshaphats, People.

Of course you know Trump is a “real Christian” when he calls God, “The Ultimate“.

Because… Trump said:

“Look at this. Here we are on the Pacific Ocean. How did I ever own this?”

So, God is working miracles like giving Trump access to own a golf course on the ocean. Nice God, there, when you have the Chosen making everything work out for you hunky dory. Something tells me that Trump will have a hard time passing his camel through the needle eye.

It does get better, tho. Donald Trump is John The Baptist

I’m pretty sure John The Baptist was…

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Rhuzi2 Lacoste Engineering’s LDP, or “Rhuzi“, was Rhodesia’s version of Israel’s Uzi.

“When white Rhodesia was struggling to survive, the United States was there to help,” asserts Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi, “with U.S. oil companies – Mobil, Texaco, and Standard Oil of California – shipping oil with impunity, and with U.S. mercenaries active on the side of Ian Smith. The U.S. government did nothing to stop the involvement of American citizens,” and “Israel was there, as well, in the person of both individual citizens and official delegates.”1 While apartheid South Africa’s behind-the-scenes military-industrial cooperation with its fellow international pariah has received a fair amount of attention, the relationship of Israel and Jews generally to Rhodesia remains more obscure.

“Determining who was to receive the privileges of ‘whiteness’ was not an uncontested process” in Rhodesia, writes Gerald Horne; but Jews were for the most part fully integrated into the mainstream…

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Monster Trucks

Somewhat surprisingly, given that this is a Cuckelodeon production, Monster Trucks is a mostly child-friendly and fun adventure film. Distractingly cute young costars Lucas Till and Jane Levy star as high school students who find themselves caught in the middle of a corporate conspiracy when they discover a tentacled, subterranean creature that lives on oil (a literal gas-guzzler!) and enjoys embedding itself under the body of a truck like a hermit crab. Rob Lowe appears as the head of the nihilistic oil company that, through unscrupulous drilling practices, has inadvertently brought these creatures to the surface and now seeks to apprehend them, with Thomas Lennon toadying in a comic supporting role. The film is endearing, the digital animation is brilliant, and even adults should be entertained by this one.

4 out of 5 stars. Ideological Content Analysis indicates that Monster Trucks is:

5. Inclusive, allowing diverse token gimp Danny Glover to take part in the heroics.

4. Class-conscious. The male protagonist’s chief rival at school is a “rich boy” with fancy wheels.

3. Family-ambivalent. The hero’s absentee father is an untrustworthy drunkard, but the troubled young man’s reconciliation with his mother’s rugged beau does at least leave him with a responsible male authority figure at home. The teen male and female leads join hands as they witness the touching reunion of a monster family, the implication being that they will be inspired to marry and start a family of their own.

2. Anti-corporate. Townsfolk, while recognizing that their small community’s economy is dependent upon Terravex’s presence (“All the money in this town comes from Terravex Oil”), also resent the inordinate and quasi-governmental clout that the company wields. “The company I work for employs everyone in this town – and that includes you,” a corporate representative arrogantly informs the sheriff. Company scientist Thomas Lennon also admits to falsifying environmental reports. (Subverting the anti-corporate messaging, however, is the film’s product placement for brands like Beanitos and Chrysler).

1.Green. The problems begin with a sin against nature – “like the earth got mad and let something bad out”. Had Terravex – which, as its name indicates, molests the earth – taken more care not to disturb an unfamiliar and misunderstood ecosystem, it could have avoided its hour and a half of difficulties. Somewhat disappointingly, it seems not to have occurred to the writers what a godsend the existence of oil-gobbling monsters would be in the case of an oil spill. More likely, an oil concern would want to keep such potentially useful creatures on retainer rather than try to destroy them. There is, too, something not quite kosher from an environmentalist perspective about the idea of turning America’s gas habit, visualized by the creatures’ appetite for oil, into something cute, cuddly, and endearing, albeit cartoonishly monstrous.

Rainer Chlodwig von K.

[…] I have hopes that there are signs of the changing times all around us now. The circus seems to be falling apart and the fabric holding the great con together is tearing at the seams. The NFL controversy, the concert attack and now the Weinstein scandal are all chipping away at the massive circus act that keeps this empire of lies together and chugging along. […]

Read the rest: The Weinstein Scandal Sheds Light On How Degenerate Hollywood Really Is – AltRight.com

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Prince Charles Robert Mugabe Prince Charles meets Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe in 1980.

Prince Charles can regularly be heard spouting a lot of rubbish about how the “horrific lessons” of the “Holocaust” are “in danger of being forgotten”1 and that anti-immigrant sentiments in Britain and Europe at present resound with “deeply disturbing echoes of the dark days of the 1930s.”2 An irony of this cuckold’s very existence, meanwhile, is that he owes his life to the intervention of Michael J.P. “Mac” McGuinness, a Special Branch intelligence chief for the white supremacist Rhodesian government of Ian Smith. McGuinness, surely one of the most deplorable men who ever lived from the perspective of the globalist handlers of the Prince of Wales, was by his own admission “responsible for possibly hundreds of ‘non-judicial killings’” during Rhodesia’s war with black nationalist insurgents led by Robert Mugabe3. After the handover of the newly independent Zimbabwe to…

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For all of the sound and fury attending Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ back in 2004, few of our trusted cultural nags bothered to complain about a film released later that year, one that, in the long run, has proven to be even more subversive of our age’s prescribed and rigidly enforced sensibilities. […]

Read the rest: Dark M. Night, White Flight: “The Village” | Alternative Right

“The encounters were always filmed, the former butler asserts, saying cameras were setup around his bed and recording every encounter.

The footage wasn’t purely for erotic purposes, Tetenbaum claims, saying the films were used as an insurance policy against Hefner’s associates who thought about going public with tales from inside the Holmby Hills estate.”

Read the rest: Hugh Hefner’s ex valet recalls Playboy ‘Pig Night’ parties | Daily Mail Online

Chateau Heartiste

Commenter Ralph Stanley ventures into the bowels of the poz factory known as TV and returns with tales of horror to make any White man’s blood curdle.

I was watching the Comedy Central show, “Broad City”, with my wife last night and we got into a huge fight about it (we don’t agree on politics). The whole show is basically two Jewish girls having: (i) gay sex; (ii) interracial sex; (iii) doing lots of drugs and basically trash talking white guys. They even had a scene with an elderly white lady in a sex shop buying a massive black dildo. Previous seasons weren’t nearly as obnoxious. It’s horrible to think this is the shit women are watching. To my knowledge she is also watching a Netflix show about trannies. And don’t get me started on “Master of None”, which is another white guy bashing “comedy” with plenty sassy gay friends.

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Mishima Yukio Mishima (1925-1970)

Yukio Mishima was one of Japan’s most popular novelists and playwrights of the twentieth century. A homosexual and a flamboyant exhibitionist in addition to being a nationalist, Mishima was also a physical fitness enthusiast and a dabbler in the cinema whose 1970 suicide represented the culmination and union of his various interests, combining his politics with his love of beauty, his showmanship, theatricality, and his taste for violent action. Two years before this defining act, Mishima published the non-fiction curiosity Sun and Steel, which provides an intellectual rationale of sorts for his bizarre behavior. The book is a mixture of fairly obnoxious existential navel-gazing and rather eloquent passages discussing the spiritual meaning of Mishima’s cultivation of his physique.

Mishima2 Mishima’s body was, as he would have it, a text demonstrative of a forgotten and primordial form of literacy.

“During the postwar period, when all accepted values were…

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