Robberson made damning claims, including pointing out that members of this depraved pedophile ring throw parties at which they drug children.

Source: Hollywood Insider Speaks Out, Claims a Global Pedophile Ring Controls Hollywood

Mike Walsh on Roger Moore vehicle The Wild Geese: “a reminder of the cynical and ruthless methods of rich men.”

Read the rest of Walsh’s review: R.I.P. Roger Moore

I’d never heard of this Areola Grande person before today. Who knew being an Elmer the Bull impersonator could be so lucrative?

Aryan Skynet

The goal of “ISIS” is to force Europeans to ethnically cleanse Muslims from Europe.

Muslims gained nothing from any terrorist attack from 9/11 on. Every terrorist attack hurt the Muslim diaspora. There were no strategic goals realized – even Bin Laden’s stated goal of getting US troops out of Saudi Arabia was never really achieved.

The West is the world’s preeminent military power, the Muslim world is barely above third world level and is third world level in many places. All the “ISIS” and “Al Qaeda” terrorism has done is to give a pretext for Western intervention into the Muslim world, from Afghanistan to Iraq, from Libya to Syria.

Without Muslim terrorism, Europe would have slowly been taken over by Muslims simply via immigration and birth rates. Without Muslim terrorism, America would have continued to be an ally of various oil-producing Arab nations – there was a time when Muslims…

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Pamela Stigger

Recent Aryan Skynet interviewee Goy Orbison takes his guitar and smashes it over the head of the pedestaled statue that is the Bill Cosby myth.

Source: Cosby Rape Show: America’s Beloved Jello Pudding Naggerdad Blames Racism for Rape Charges – Daily Stormer

Aryan Skynet

Elvis In the Ghetto

Many casual fans of Elvis Presley will be familiar with his Christian faith and affection for gospel music. Fewer are aware of his interest in Judaism, theosophy, yogic practices, and other New Age beliefs. The King’s hairstylist, Larry Geller, was the man who introduced him to the cosmos-spanning variety of the novel spiritualities finding adherents in the sick and psychedelic 1960s. Geller would bring him exotic books like Paramahansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi, prompting Presley to seek consultation with Sri Daya Mata, spiritual leader of the Self-Realization Fellowship – Geller having facilitated a meeting. “Elvis loved the sylvan setting” of the SRF’s headquarters in the Mount Washington area of Los Angeles, “and he had an immediate rapport with Daya Mata,” relates Gary Tillery, author of The Seeker King: A Spiritual Biography of Elvis Presley.

The more she described the aims of the Fellowship, the more excited he…

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In which Hipster Racist links the mysterious death of Chris Cornell to President Donald Putin.

Aryan Skynet

The “Deep State” saga continues. Trump fired FBI director Comey which has sparked yet another round in the on-going Trump = Putin, Russian “hacking” DNC conspiracy theories. The murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich back in the news. Trump is floating … Joe Lieberman, D-Tel Aviv, Al Gore’s Vice Presidential candidate and the pro-Bush “liberal” as the new FBI director, despite Lieberman having zero qualification for the job other than unimpeachable loyalty to the apartheid regime of Jew bigotry in Zionist-occupied Palestine.

Trump is again escalating the war against Russia’s ally, Syria.

Bonus: charges against Julian Assange of Wikileaks dropped.

In the spirit of open source intelligence and the espionage model Aryan Skynet asks the audience: what is going on?

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Transcript here.

Many a science fiction book or film has a theme, or a debate therein, dealing with the question of whether “aliens” who are advanced enough to master space travel would, ipso facto, “come in peace.” Are they like E.T., or Klaatu, or more like the Martians of the Wars of the Worlds of Wells and Welles?

But what if they were smart, and indeed not warlike, but instead, just really, really annoying?

Such is the premise of this pulpy little novel by Fredric Brown […]

Read the rest: “What’s Up, Dr. Mack?” Martians Go Home and the Ordeal of Civility | The Occidental Observer – White Identity, Interests, and Culture

Perhaps it was some kind of a hoax, but the Los Angeles Times saw fit to run it as “news”: A start-up called BiteLabs claimed to want to make human test-tube meat a reality — and it wanted to use tissue samples from celebrities to do it. […]

Source: Normalizing Cannibalism and Weaponizing Celebrity Culture | The New Nationalist

Two Hundred Years Together

A History of the Russians and the Jews

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