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The paradigm shift of the twenty-first century is upon us. For evidence, look no further than today’s installment of the ordinarily innocuous “Tom Woods Letter”:

The world is becoming so insane so quickly, who can keep up?

I figured this was bound to happen, but it’s happened even sooner than I thought: a normal libertarian, with no unusual views to speak of, just lost his job for allegedly being a “Nazi.”

Woods, this sounds sensationalized. Surely there’s more to the story!


Brandon Navom was a Ron Paul delegate from Massachusetts in 2012, and headed Software Engineers for Liberty. He accepted an invitation to speak at the Boston free-speech rally, which had precisely zero to do with the earlier event in Charlottesville.

Navom Libertarian-who-wants-to-gas-six-million-Jews Brandon Navom

Before he could do that, Antifa on Twitter went berserk, tweeting at his employer that Navom was a “Nazi.” No evidence, of course; hysteria suffices.

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“Help! Let me out of this shitty movie!”

I’ve developed such an iron stomach when it comes to digesting rotten movies that it really says something when it takes me multiple sittings to make it all the way through one, as happens to have been the case with A Cure for Wellness. This plodding Judaic dud concerns a corporate creep (Dane DeHaan) who travels to Switzerland to retrieve an insane executive who is reportedly recuperating in a mysterious clinic. Switzerland essentially being a piece of Germany, the place is naturally being run by crypto-Nazi perverts with all sorts of deep, dark European secrets. Boringly perverted director Gore Verbinski and his collaborators are so determined to give the setting and characters an air of coldness and clinical inhumanity that these qualities, unfortunately, end up attaching themselves to the film itself, making it about as appetizing as a gore popsicle. Even the effort to liven things up with would-be shocks like sadistic dentistry, eels in a toilet, masturbation, and incestuous rape only make the movie more of a yawn-inducer. Even the Blu-ray menu is irritating, with its horror movie cliché of a little girl’s monotonous singing. Throw in the fact that this is yet another mean-spirited production of Israeli intelligence asset Arnon Milchan (opening with a shot of skyscrapers, to boot) and A Cure for Wellness goes straight into the biohazard bin.

2 out of 5 stars. Ideological Content Analysis indicates that A Cure for Wellness is:

3. Assimilationist, showing the inspiring ability of blacks and Indians to ape European dress and mannerisms.

2. Judeo-capitalist, casting a financial criminal as the protagonist.

1. Anti-white and pro-miscegenation. Early in the movie, a white woman makes a reference to a “twelve-inch” black penis, suggesting congoid sexual superiority. The pathology of a racially homogeneous community is conveyed by icy-eyed Europeans whose sterile paleness is amplified by their all-white wardrobe. National Socialist notions of racial hygiene are parodied as a form of isolationist inbreeding. The protagonist learns that the clinic occupies the property of a nobleman who determined that the only woman pure enough to bear him a child was his sister. Sad to report, we have now actually plumbed the cultural depth at which audiences are sufficiently debased to tolerate the casual horror of a father (Jason Isaacs) sticking his hand up his daughter’s crotch and then sniffing his fingers for the camera. Hitler is never explicitly referenced, but the entire backstory of fiendish medical experiments and fields full of emaciated corpses are intended to evoke the specter of the persecution of the Jews. A Cure for Wellness functions as “Holocaust” revenge porn, with the viewer expected to exult in the sight of a sheltered European girl (Mia Goth) cleaving her father’s skull with a shovel and riding into the night on a bike with the evilly grinning New York crook who has rescued her from the Swiss ethno-dystopia.

Rainer Chlodwig von K.

Aryan Skynet

Chopin Fryderyk Chopin (1810-1849)

Frédéric [or Fryderyk] Chopin “is often spoken of as ‘the most Polish of Polish composers’,” observes Stephen P. Mizwa1, with Honoré de Balzac even commenting that the composer was “more Polish than Poland”2. There is an irony, then, in the fact that this child piano prodigy who would become one of his nation’s cultural heroes was incompletely Polish in his family background, having been born to a French expatriate father and a Polish mother. He studied at the recently established Warsaw Lyceum, where his father lectured in French, and then at the Warsaw Conservatory. “But he was studying by himself, composing, and took advantage of his summer vacations when he listened to and was fascinated by folk music,” Mizwa continues. “Warsaw gave him his material for Polonaises, but the countryside gave rise to his Mazurkas.”3 Chopin himself wrote, “I should like only…

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RamZPaul has put out a video going through some of the history of the “Alt Right” of the last few years. While there are some things in this video I personally disagree with quite strongly, I remember quite a few incidents that RamZPaul points out here, and I’d like help getting some of this on the record, documented with links preferably, for perhaps a permanent reference page on AryanSkynet to set the record straight.

This is a DRAFT, mostly from memory, and I invite corrections, additions, and context. If successful, this article will become a permanent reference to the events of the last few years and some of the personalities and connections of the “Alt Right.”

1. While the call for an “alternative right” originally came from the “conservative” Jew Paul Gottfriend, Richard Spencer’s mentor, Spencer started using the term for his original blog,, a few years ago. Within…

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Hipster Racist invites your thoughts on Charlottesville.

Aryan Skynet

I go away for a week and the race war starts without me.

The Alt Right “Unite the Right” rally happened over the weekend. Antifa and the Democrats showed up, started a riot, the Democratic government of Virginia and Charlottesville called out the National Guard, a police helicopter crashed, killing two, and someone ran their car into a crowd of protestors, killing one and seriously injuring dozens.

The media is essentially claiming that “Trump Nazis” have started a civil war with terrorist attacks. One thing this shows is that the left is far better organized than the right. The left has practice getting people to show up at the same time in the same place on a regular basis, and leftists, being concentrated in the cities, can do public protests better than the right. If there really were some sort of serious violence, how would the right win? For all…

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Aryan Skynet

The late Native American dissident thinker and scholar David Yeagley expressed a frustration with white conservatives’ befuddlement with regard to the place of Amerindians in their political mythology. The history of European-Americans’ often violent conquest of the West offers little in the way of ammunition to the likes of Constitution-fetishizing social justice warriors like Glenn Beck, so their response, Yeagley asserted, has been to ignore this history and Native Americans almost entirely – and this, according to Yeagley, represents a lost opportunity. Rather than whistling past the burial mound, he suggested, those whites interested in retaining what their forebears won for them on the battlefield ought, rather, to remember and honor the Indians’ bloody opposition.

[…] I have presented the Indian as the true talisman of the American spirit. Without the Indian, white America is incomplete. It lacks a land base. The Indian is that land base. Indian people have…

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Blake Lively plays Nancy Adams, a medical student who, following her mother’s death from cancer, treks to the same beach in Mexico that her mother visited while pregnant with her. Hoping to enjoy a little sentimental surfing, Nancy instead finds herself the victim of a shark attack and ends up stranded off the coast on a rock as the hungry monster circles her. The Shallows is an okay survival movie and goes by pretty quickly, the dramatic limitations of its essentially one-person story notwithstanding.

3.5 out of 5 stars. Ideological Content Analysis indicates that The Shallows is:

7. Propertarian! A would-be thief is physically removed by the natural order.

6. Pro-gun, if a flare gun counts.

5. Christ-ambivalent. Both good and bad Mexicans are shown with crucifixes.

4. Green. Sony Pictures hopes for “a greener world,” according to an end credits statement. Thinking of the environment rather than herself, starving Nancy opts to help an injured seagull rather than eat it. A hook lodged in the shark’s mouth could be interpreted as an indication that a revenge is being exacted by nature against humanity for some previous wrong.

3. Feminist. Nancy survives on her own, with little to no help from men. The film’s director, in one of the Blu-ray extras, claims that the shark is female; but the creature’s connotative presence onscreen is that of a predatory male, a giant, angry phallus pursuing a woman against her wishes. Poisonous jellyfish, with their dangling tentacles, mimic a threatening swarm of sperm cells that Nancy must avoid. End credits appear over shots of reddened surf, the menstrual coloring celebratory of the avoidance of pregnancy. Instead of raising a family, she will pursue a career as a physician. Her mother, it may be worth noting here, has been punished with cancer and death for procreation. Alternately, The Shallows can be read as a torture porn film masquerading as a women’s empowerment trip. Nancy’s tattoo and bizarre earring mark her as a typically damaged and self-mutilating young woman of her generation – and her carefree display of her body is sure to incense the girlfriendless members of the audience.

2. Anti-racist. The viewer is teased into fearing for Nancy’s safety as she rides in the company of a Mexican stranger, Charlie, on her way to the beach. So friendly is this man that he even refuses to accept money for the ride. Likewise, two young Mexican surfers are employed as red herrings of a sort. They make no attempt to molest the beautiful, solitary gringa, and her brief apprehension that the pair might steal the bag she left on the beach turns out to be unfounded. The only negative portrayal of a local in the film is a drunkard who does, in fact, intend to make away with her belongings. Recent news out of Mexico suggests that The Shallows is probably overly kind in its depiction of this Third World country’s hospitality.

1. Anti-white. The “shallows” of the title are, of course, the waters around the beach; but this word could also refer to those naïve, bumbling Americans who, like Nancy, expect there to be Uber service in rural Mexico. White is associated with death. The antagonist in the film is a “great white”, and the stinging jellyfish glow white at Nancy’s approach. An exception is the wounded seagull, whose company Nancy comes to enjoy. Weak, dysfunctional whiteness, it seems, is the only acceptable kind.

Rainer Chlodwig von K.

Aryan Skynet

Ron Goldman “Friends and family describe the aspiring actor and part-time model, as a free spirit with a big heart, who often volunteered his time to work with people with disabilities.” Great detective work, NBC. Keep up the stellar totally-not-fake-news journalism.

Readers may remember a previous post of mine regarding revisionist investigations of the O.J. Simpson murder case. Just as a tardy addendum, I thought that readers might enjoy a couple of interesting clips I came across this week. First, just look at the panic that spicy tribesman Geraldo Rivera exhibits when Los Angeles physician Dr. Henry S. Johnson brings up the mystery of Ron Goldman’s sealed criminal file:

O.J. innocent? Crooked Jews? You must be a Kool-Aid-drinking UFO fanatic! Johnson’s brother researcher Thomas H. Johnson, meanwhile, tells private investigator and podcast host Ed Opperman the story of what he experienced when he attempted to gain access to the Goldman file. The…

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As the liberal elites, banks, (((rootless cosmopolitans))), and Islam celebrated their glorious victory over poor French people, Harry Potter feminist Emma Watson took to the stage at the MTV awards to accept the first ever “gender free” acting award […]

Read the rest: Morgoth’s Review: An Empire Of Mud

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Lone Ranger Jay Silverheels and Clayton Moore starred as Tonto and the Lone Ranger in the popular ABC western series, originally a radio program, that ran on television from 1949 to 1957.

The western genre is often celebrated by its admirers as an expression of expansive American confidence in a singular national destiny – and also chastised for precisely this reason. The symbolic and political uses of the western, however, have always been mutable. While critics tend to focus on the genocidal implications of the canonical pre-war western, the fact of the matter is that, during its 1950s high water mark, when westerns played every night of the week on television, the genre had mostly taken to emphasizing positive portrayals of Native Americans – albeit with ulterior geopolitical motivations. Mass media scholar Michael Ray Fitzgerald, in his study Native Americans on Network TV: Stereotypes, Myths, and the “Good Indian”, discusses several…

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