In his latest Nameless Podcast, Andy Nowicki discusses a hidden bombshell in a recently published article about the recent doings of Kelly LeBrock, 80s sexpot of Weird Science […]

Source: Kelly LeBrock References Hollywood “Atrocities” (Nameless Podcast) | Alternative Right


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Vladimir Stasov Vladimir Stasov (1824-1906)

Following the death of Glinka, whose contributions had been so seminal, the Russian nationalist spirit in music would be developed and expanded by the critic and historian Vladimir Stasov and composer Mily Balakirev’s circle, known collectively as “The Five” or “The Mighty Handful”. Stasov “was a very formidable critic of the day, a great supporter of, and a champion of, Russian artists and Russian composers and writers,” relates Michael Parloff.

He was an influence on whole generations of Russian nationalist artists […] and it really was he who established the precepts upon which he thought that Russian music should be composed for the remaining years of the nineteenth century. To give you a sene of it, he felt that Russian art, Russian literature, Russian music, it needed to be freed from the grip of the Europeans. He thought that if you continued to write European-influenced music…

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Andy Nowicki

In the movie Fight Club, charismatic terrorist Tyler Durden chastises the more timid, never-named narrator for advocating what Durden disdainfully calls “premature enlightenment.”

Durden uses this colorful, vaguely obscene-sounding expression to refer to the tendency of an individual, following a protracted period of mental anguish and spiritual suffering, suddenly to succumb to “wishful thinking”: that is, all at once to see only what he wants to see, pushed into this state of willed myopia by a desperate desire to manufacture inner peace for himself.

Such willed deceit, however, cannot stand. In fact, a person cannot emerge from darkness until he genuinely discerns that light does indeed exist. No one can artificially construct this light he seeks, nor can anyone attempt to impersonate a state of illumination, absent personal knowledge of said light. As long as this light eludes the seeker, the seeker—whether he likes it not, and…

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Glinka Mikhail Glinka (1804-1857)

Classical music has a history in Russia predating the work of Mikhail Glinka; but it is only with Glinka that the country’s music begins to define itself as something distinctly and consciously Russian in aesthetic. “Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka was the father of the 19th-century Russian nationalist school of composers, and exerted a profound and freely acknowledged influence upon Balakirev and his circle and upon Tchaikovsky,” David Brown summarizes1. Glinka’s insular upbringing “cut him off from all music except for the folksongs sung in abundance by his nurse, the chant he heard in the village church, and the strident church bell music for which the Smolensk region was famous,” and “this initial and exclusive musical diet was fundamental: the folksongs sank deep into Glinka’s mind so that later he could effortlessly incorporate their shapes into his own melodic invention. At the same time,” offers…

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Timothy Kelly, host of Our Interesting Times, speaks with 9/11 scholar Graeme MacQueen about the cinematic dimensions of the World Trade Center attacks of 2001. (I explore this topic further in my forthcoming book Protocols of the Elders of Zanuck: Psychological Warfare and Filth at the Movies, which I’ve tentatively planned to bring out early next year.)

[By James M. Williamson at CounterPunch]

This past spring I attended an advance screening of excerpts of Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s documentary about the US War against Vietnam at Harvard, with these two in attendance, along with some Kennedy School “national security” types, who had evidently been recruited as “consultants.” […]

I was astonished to hear the “Narrator” in one of these excerpts refer to “retaliation for the Gulf of Tonkin.” I was doubly astonished when I heard Burns use this exact same phrase — “retaliation for the Gulf of Tonkin” — during the discussion and Q&A which followed the screening, and in a different context. […]

What could he possibly mean?

“Retaliation” for Gulf of Tonkin?

Professor Sut Jhally has done noteworthy work with the Media Education Foundation (MEF) in Western Mass on the uses of the term “retaliation” in major US media. MEF have produced at least one excellent DVD where they analyze how every attack by Israel on Palestinians is invariably framed as “retaliation.” Of course, this is often, in fact, not actually the case. Of course, if you “believe” that some entity (a person; a government; a “nation”; a “people…”) are “retaliating” (for an alleged attack) — rather than initiating attacks — then almost anything the “retaliator” does is justified, no?

Read the rest: Getting the Gulf of Tonkin Wrong: Are Ken Burns and Lynn Novick “Telling Stories” About the Central Events Used to Legitimize the US Attack Against Vietnam?

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Trump Chop

“The fall of 2017 will witness the most brutal assault on working and middle class living standards since the end of World War II,” forecasts veteran leftist economic commentator James Petras. “Throughout the summer, public opinion has been diverted by US threats to launch new overseas wars” and “superficial controversies” that “will be overwhelmed by fundamental class conflicts, which promise to alter the present and future structural relations within Western capitalism”:

President Trump proposes to enrich capitalists and intensify class inequalities via his radical transformation of the tax system.  Corporate taxes will be cut in half; overseas corporate taxes will be abolished; and wage and salaried workers will pay more for fewer social benefits.

Trump can count on the support of the Republican leadership, business and banking elite and sectors of the Democratic Party in his plans to roll out a massive tax giveaway for the billionaires.

Trump’s cabinet, led…

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Clarifying the actual origins of the “Alt-Left” for those who only became familiar with the term from Trump’s remarks in the aftermath of Charlottesville …

Robert Stark and co-host Sam Kevorkian talk to Brandon Adamson. Brandon blogs at, is the author of Beatnik Fascism, and has a Youtube channel, Self Checkout.

The entire podcast can be found here.


-Brandon’s Official Response to Trump’s Remarks on the AltLeft
-The context of Trump using the term “Alt-Left” to describe the antifa as opposed to the original Alt Left
-The media’s references to Brandon’s Alt Left site and how the only semi accurate one was The Week’s article (since the time when this podcast was recorded there was another accurate article which appeared in Salon)
-Confusing political news junkies with esoteric and outlandish cultural references
-The “Orange Pill”
-How the less aggro elements of the Left and the Alt-Right should combine forces for single payer health care, student debt relief, and the dismantling the College Football Industrial Complex
-How massive online censorship is…

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B’man’s personal response to the ongoing onslaught against Southern Civilization.

Aryan Skynet

As the obvious token redneck representative at Aryan Skynet, I feel it my obligation to share my thoughts on what is going on with these attacks against my heritage (I touched on it here) and how I know personally, mainly via family documentation (a huge search of family history my dad did in the 90’s), that the reasons given (and accepted) are a lie.

But first, why Redneck?

Joe Bob Briggs at TakiMag explains what he means by “redneck” and how these very whitepissed off people who own incendiary devices from the Ulster area of Ireland (Scots-Irish) came to be known as such?

They’re also pissed off, they own firearms, and they like to fight.

And they play fiddles and clog-dance.

But the main thing we know about people from both these areas, Ulster and the Lowland Borders, is that their skin is white.


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Tales from the (White) Hood: Spike Lee, Jordan Peele, and John David Washington (along with a bunch of Jews) are set to unleash yet another anti-white hate film on the urban masses of EBT-slingin’, flamin’-hot-Cheeto-gobblin’ oppressed.

John David Washington, star of Ballers and son of top Hollywood numinous negro Denzel Washington, is set to appear as a police detective who infiltrates the Ku Klux Klan in the upcoming Spike Lee joint Black Klansman. “Lee will direct and produce the movie with Peele also producing via his banner Monkeypaw Productions, along with Sean McKittrick, Shaun Redick and Raymond Mansfield of QC Entertainment and Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions,” The Hollywood Reporter reveals of this kosher funkfest. Literary soul brothers Charlie Wachtel and David Rabinowitz, meanwhile, are on board the production to scribble the script. THR enthuses that “the project sounds like it may be ripped from today’s headlines” – you know, what with all the cross-burnings and lynchings of perfectly innocent African-American angels transpiring across the nation – and represents a “socially conscious project that couldn’t be more timely, given the recent racial unrest in America.” Shhheeeeeiiiit.

Rainer Chlodwig von K.

Source: ‘Black Klansman’ KKK Thriller in the Works From Spike Lee, Jordan Peele (Exclusive) | Hollywood Reporter


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