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A little over a week ago two people were stabbed – one fatally – at a Phillips 66 gas station in the West Bottoms area of Kansas City. Murder in Kansas City is hardly an unusual occurrence and this particular story probably would have escaped my attention if not for the identity of the killer. The Kansas City Star reported on November 10th:

Panom Gai 2 Panom R. Gai

Jackson County prosecutors have charged a 48-year-old man for the death of a woman by stabbing and for wounding a man during an altercation at a gas station in the West Bottoms of Kansas City.

Panom R. Gai, who is listed as homeless, faces second-degree murder, assault and armed criminal action in the slaying. The female victim was identified through court records as Cynthia Thomas, 47.

The stabbing was reported about 5:30 p.m. Wednesday at a Phillips 66 gas station in the…

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Everything in the world is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power — Oscar Wilde

Sexual Harassment

The 1994 film Disclosure tells the story of a high powered executive, played by Demi Moore, sexually harassing her subordinate, played by Michael Douglas. Billed as an important film about a increasingly controversial subject at the time, it didn’t quite work. The reversal of the typical sex roles was intended to get viewers, especially men, to see sexual harassment in a different way, to consider, “how would you like it if it happened to you?” But the film never really rang true, because women aren’t men and men aren’t women and the sexes are not interchangeable.

The climactic scene of Moore and Douglas came across as a male fantasy, despite the attempt to portray an interaction that was somewhere between “sexual harassment” and “attempted rape.” Douglas, as a man, was never in…

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American Made

Barry Seal’s life has become the stuff of legend. And much of that legend owes itself to the manner in which his life ended. Seal was killed on the evening of Feb. 19, 1986, machine-gunned in his automobile by agents of the Medellin Cartel, his former employers. There were photos taken of his bullet-riddled body in his car.

His violent and bloody death created headlines and nightly news stories throughout America. In fact, one can say that his murder gave him a higher profile in death than he had in life. And because of the unusual circumstances of his murder — more properly called an assassination — his life now has become the fodder of legend.

Because of all the legerdemain that has sprouted up about Seal, it is not easy to separate fact from fiction. The current film about Seal, American Made, does not even try. In fact, it attempts to expand legend into myth. It then plays that myth for fast-action scenes, tongue-in-cheek comedy, and a plot line that moves as quickly as bowling pins falling during a ten-strike. Whatever the failings of director Doug Liman’s movie, it is hard to imagine someone being bored by it.

Read the rest:The Charmed, Doomed Life of Barry Seal

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Louis-Ferdinand Destouches, who achieved notoriety as a novelist under the nom de plume Céline, channeled the dark energy of his tumultuous times. He served in the French army during the First World War and was horribly wounded, after which he was employed by the medical department of the League of Nations and also worked as a doctor for the Ford auto factories in Detroit1 – all experiences that would help to shape Céline’s ideas about war, politics, economics – and, most crucially, race. “Céline’s definition of hell,” writes Michael A. Hoffman II, was “modernism, which had blinded man, made him subservient to matter and exhausted him, all for the sake of profit.” A pan-Aryanist of a sort, he was also a self-described “communist of the soul”2.

Early in his career, he had been celebrated by the Left for his attacks on the bourgeoisie, but a 1936 trip…

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“US journalists and commentators, politicians and Sinologists spend considerable time and space speculating on the personality of China’s President Xi Jinping and his appointments to the leading bodies of the Chinese government,” scoffs based Marxian commentator James Petras in his most recent piece, “as if these were the most important aspects of the entire 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China” held last month:

Mired down in gossip, idle speculation and petty denigration of its leaders, the Western press has once again failed to take account of the world-historical changes which are currently taking place in China and throughout the world.

World-historical changes, as articulated by Chinese President Xi Jinping, are present in the vision, strategy and program of the Congress. These are based on a rigorous survey of China’s past, present and future accomplishments. […]

The clarity and coherence of a deep strategic thinker like President Xi Jinping…

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Refugee Resettlement Watch

Sheesh!  Not sure I can ever watch ‘Gladiator’ again!  

Russell Crowe Crowe: I have a few extra rooms in my penthouse in Sydney! Photo: The Australian

Crowe wants to take a refugee home, one of the Muslims presently protesting on Manus Island where those who tried to get to Australia illegally have been housed for the last few years, and help him find a job.

The facility was to be closed by the end of October, but Australia didn’t move the wannabe Australians out and now they are huddled in the facility with no food or water creating a stand off.  They fear attack by locals if they venture outside.

Surprisingly what is missing in the news from The Australianis any Trump-bashing for not moving fast enough to consummate Obama’s “dumb deal” and bring 1,250 of them to Anytown, USA.

The impasse is a result of Australia’s policy to deter illegal…

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Down with Saffronism!

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Ceausescu AutobiographyEarlier this week, being the unapologetic weirdo that I am, I watched and ended up thoroughly enjoying Andrei Ujica’s gloriously sprawling, three-hour documentary The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu (2010), which tells the story of the dictator’s years in charge of communist Romania through archival television broadcasts and footage of public events and private gatherings. Pleasantly narration-free, the film allows the material to speak for itself and in this sense presents itself as Ceausescu’s “autobiography”. Establishment critics were quick to draw the expected conclusions, with Ann Hornaday of The Washington Post remarking that “Ujica’s evocative portrait of a cosmopolitan country reduced to an impoverished wasteland is legible and deeply damning even to the most unstudied eye”1, while The Boston Globe’s Wesley Morris enthused that viewers are “forced to reconcile what sounds like boilerplate ideological speeches with the grisly reality of his regime, which was overthrown in 1989. It’s…

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You would never know from the deceptive preview, but George Clooney’s Suburbicon is an ugly and unsettling propaganda piece, seemingly aimed at promoting white self-hatred.
Inveterate cinema-gourmand Andy Nowicki gives his review and analysis, below:


Richard Spencer discusses a recent episode of the CBS crime drama Wisdom of the Crowd, which featured a parody of him and the Alt-Right.

Source: CSI: Valhalla –


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