[Note: last year, Patterson published Filthy Rich, a[n ostensibly] non-fiction book about his neighbor, Jeffrey Epstein, which reportedly had nothing of interest to say about Bill Clinton in relation to any Lolita-related wrongdoing. – R.C.v.K.]

A heated battle is brewing in Hollywood for film rights to the former president and best-selling author’s upcoming novel.

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The psychological warfare against White Europeans, and especially Germans, is getting out of hand. […]

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Bump in the road, I say.

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There has definitely been some oddball immigration pieces out that are a bit head scratching. The Atlantic wondered if the Left pushed too far too fast on immigration and lost its mind. They cited Krugman, DailyKos and even Barack Obama as being immigration restrictionist or supporting limits in the near past. The NY Times had an oped that maybe they should move to the center. Then Bill Gates said Europe needs to get a handle on immigration or it will be wrecked. Macron in France is not quite the open borders purist he was portrayed as with his interior minister clearing out areas. It is a trend.


Bill Gates mentioned the need to slow it down and be smarter, citing the need to help in Africa. This was roughly the same timeframe as Macron came out and stated that (I’m imagining) “En oui, the Afric-a, it has a problem…

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There is a certain threshold beyond which the sociopathy of a Jewish intellectual like Yaron Brook achieves an almost alien quality. It is one thing to be a sociopath; quite another to extoll the total untethering of the individual from any kind of higher morality as the greatest cause to which one can devote their life. Hearing Brook talk about how the Allied bombing campaign against Germany should serve as a guidepost for American foreign policy gives readers the feeling they’re in the presence of something not made of flesh, as in a recent meme that presents Mark Zuckerberg as Star Trek’s Data intent on collecting the personal information of users of Facebook in order to learn what it means to be human.

Brook outdoes himself in a piece entitled “The Morality of Moneylending: A Short History.” The title is misleading, since its author does not dispassionately present a history, but rather presents a historiography with Jews (from Shakespeare’s Shylock to California’s Michael Milken) depicted as misunderstood and falsely persecuted heroes who are unfairly punished for their enterprise, industry, and value creation (all contrary to economic, philosophical, and theological arguments that lambast “barren metal” and extol those things which hold an intrinsic value).

Read the rest: Putting Shylock to Shame: The Moneylender Portrayed as Hero | The Occidental Observer – White Identity, Interests, and Culture

Aryan Skynet

The Cruel Fate of Kekistan. Murdoch Murdoch’s latest video, watch it before it’s censored.

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George Trendle

George Trendle (1884-1972)

Earlier this week, Aryan Skynet’s Hipster Racist published a post titled “White Nationalists Should Take Over the Freemasons”. By coincidence, I just happened to come across the following passage in Native Americans on Network TV: Stereotypes, Myths, and the “Good Indian”, a study by mass media scholar Michael Ray Fitzgerald. Referring to George Trendle, who originally created the Lone Ranger character for radio, Fitzgerald writes:

One reason Trendle admired the Texas Rangers may have been that the outfit had been founded and staffed by Scottish Rite Freemasons, and Trendle himself was one. During the period The Lone Ranger was aired (1949-1957), Scottish Rite promoted the most extreme sort of racist views. The point here is that Trendle, as an active member of Scottish Rite, was steeped in these views. For example, an excerpt from Scottish Rite’s official publication, the New Age Magazine, published during The Lone Ranger’s first season, declared, “The hand of Providence has chosen the Nordic people to bring and unfold the new order of the world. … Providence has chosen the Nordic people because they have prepared themselves and have chosen God.” Belief in Nordic racial superiority did not originate in Germany: remarkably similar beliefs had been in circulation in England and in the United States (i.e., Anglo-Saxonism) before Germany emerged as a nation. According to Reginald Horsman, Anglo-Saxons have long believed they have a “gift for governing,” which they have a duty to bring to the rest of the world, whether or not it is welcome.

Where, then, does the American Indian fit into this worldview? In The Lone Ranger, Tonto serves as the Indians’ representative; he welcomes the white savior on their behalf. In turn he is accepted into the Anglo-Saxon-Nordic project if – and only if – he is willing to assist in this project of Anglo-American control of the land. Tonto becomes an apprentice white man, a Regulator, doing the dirty work for the white man. It might also be illuminating to ask, where do African Americans fit into this vision? The simple answer is they do not. Not only are blacks not included in Trendle’s vision of the Old West – even as third-class citizens – they simply do not exist. They have been, in [Cedric] Clark’s term, relegated to “Non-recognition” – or, as [George] Gerbner and [Larry] Gross would say, “symbolically annihilated.”1

It should be noted, however, that in a particularly striking instance of political correctness (given the standards of the time), the series converts the Indian into an ally of the white savior. “The villains on The Lone Ranger are always white men, even though a Texas Rangers historical site unequivocally states the organization was founded to fight Indians,” Fitzgerald points out2.

Rainer Chlodwig von K.


  1. Fitzgerald, Michael Ray. Native Americans on Network TV: Stereotypes, Myths, and the “Good Indian”. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 2014, pp. 44-45.
  2. Ibid., p. 36.

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Grand Socco Gran Socco – Tangier, Morocco

A reader expressed some interest in hearing about my trip to Morocco. It isn’t a pleasant memory. Back in the darkness of the late George W. Bush years, I was busily sleep-digging myself into a debt-grave, buying myself things I didn’t need in order to compensate for the meaninglessness of my life. I felt I had to do something radical to break out of the coffin-confines of my cubicle routine and so I decided, without telling anybody, to fly to Morocco and treat myself to an African adventure. Tangier was supposed to be where cool, weird people like Brion Gysin, William Burroughs, “Alfred Chester”, and Paul Bowles went to create and to become themselves. I was still naïve and sheltered enough that the idea of expatriate cosmopolitan degeneracy somehow still seemed exciting and interesting. Back in those days I was wasting a lot of my…

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An interesting proposition from Hipster Racist.

Aryan Skynet

A humble suggestion: North American pro-Whites should infiltrate the Freemason fraternity as entryists and leverage it as a crypto-White platform for furthering White Nationalism. The reasons are not ideological, but pragmatic. Consider:

1. Freemasonry is not ideological in and of itself, thus can be adapted to White purposes. Most of its rituals are based on Biblical and Christian stories mixed in with classical pre-science, Greek/Roman paganism and medieval Christian mysticism. Catholic, Eastern Orthodox – and Jewish – superstitions about Masonry are wrong, it is not Jewish and has never been Jewish, the medieval mysticism is based on the Christian interpretations of the Old Testament and the Christian Kabbalah.

2. The rituals and symbolism of Freemasonry are completely flexible and have been changed numerous times to fit in with contemporary needs. In the same way that early alchemy eventually gave way to modern chemistry, so early “magic geometry” eventually gave way…

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Kai Murros

Speaking in London in 2007, Finnish pan-Aryan nationalist and revolutionary theorist Kai Murros delivered inspiring remarks which, if overly optimistic, are nonetheless strikingly prescient and still capable of uplifting morale:

So, at the moment, the pressure is definitely mounting, and where it will lead in the coming decades – well, next decade, actually. […] I’m looking for[ward to the] next decade very much, because I think that it’s going to be like the new 1960s. It’s going to be a kind of – an explosion of creativity. When there’s pressure, it always helps people to find new solutions. It’s going to be new music, new fashion, new design. It will be such [i.e., so much] like the 1960s – very dramatic decade; but the difference is, that this time it will be totally in the opposite direction […] Everything that was built in the 1960s, everything that was started in…

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