The Backdoor Club (1985) ***1/2  Opening with primitively video-doctored travelogue footage of Munich, Germany, where this odd pornographic feature was filmed, The Backdoor Club gets things off to an upbeat start with its suggestive synth-pop theme song, “Slippin’ Through the Backdoor”, performed by Galaxy, with a Kim Carnes soundalike female vocal extolling the pleasures of anal sex: “Don’t ever start at the end, but let it begin.  If there is something you want, don’t leave it alone.”  The flimsiest pretense of plot is provided with the introduction of Herschel Savage and wife Danielle, who have, it seems, inexplicably traveled all the way to Germany just to visit Munich’s world-famous Backdoor Club, where they expect to be initiated gingerly into the art of rear entry amour.  Also visiting the club for the first time is main attraction Taija Rae, who quickly pairs off with Savage for some swing action.

So far, so good, as the viewer at this point is probably expecting to get more than his fair share of anal reaming nastiness for the duration of The Backdoor Club‘s very 1980s eighty minutes – and the prospect of seeing Taija Rae, in particular, get her voluptuous bum pummeled by Savage is likely to get the viewer’s hopes up and at attention.  Unfortunately, after the local club talent demonstrates how it’s done for the tourists, doing their moaning and “Ja”-ing and all in their humorous German accents, the payoff never really comes.  The gradually rising level of excitement in the scenes, with Danielle and Taija both enjoying some euro-lesbo action, would seem to indicate that the ladies are being primed for something really special; but so much screen time is devoted to labia-licking, presumably with the intention of finessing the reluctant women into taking a chance with their asses, that this film might just as well have titled The Cunnilingus Club.

In one especially frustrating scene, Herschel Savage is giving Taija Rae the royal treatment, licking and fingering her before treating her to a solid doggystyle hammering, during which he repeatedly asks her if she’s ready to take it in her ass, but every time receives the same humiliating “No” for an answer.  After the fifty-minute mark, the intensity subsides and never really recovers, with Taija, who, one would hope, might return for a scorching anal climax, not only failing to deliver on the expected reward promised by the premise, but disappearing altogether for the remainder of the story.  One cause for this film’s disappointing payoff may be the fact that it was scripted by a woman, Valerie Kelly, so that The Backdoor Club is ultimately insincere in its commitment to its subject matter.  The Backdoor Club does contain anal scenes, with Tracey Adams and Sandra Nova (Uschi Karnat) doing their duty admirably, but the overall experience, sadly, is one of anatomical bait-and-switch.  3.5 of 5 possible stars.

Backdoor Lust (1988) ***  This all-action compilation lifts generous clips from a handful of 1980s adult films, including more than one scene from The Backdoor Club (see above) that feature rear entry relations, usually preceded by other preliminaries.  The picture quality is less than pristine, but the performers generally seem at least to be interested in what they’re doing.  Patti Petite is a standout in her enthusiastic couch session set to some pretty funky music.  Unusual moments in other vignettes  include a woman taking a champagne bottle up her rear, with the man who twists it cruelly claiming he’s going to shove it in all the way; and Francois Papillon playing a gay shoe salesman in a bowtie who only reluctantly agrees to screw slutty customer Buffy Davis.  Not essential programming, Backdoor Lust does, however, serve its basic utilitarian purpose.  3 of 5 possible stars.