Aryan Skynet

AryanSkynet has explained, since day one of Donald Trump’s campaign, that his purpose is to start a war against Iran for Israel. Trump’s famous Twitter account was used throughout the Obama administration to attack any attempt the administration might make to make peace with Iran. Trump immediately cancelled the anti-nuclear deal with Iran, at the behest of Israel’s Likud party and its leader Benjamin Netanyahu.

“America First”

While Trump won votes by promising to “build a wall” and end the massive immigration, Trump instead increased legal immigration and has done nothing to stop illegal immigration and abuse of the “refugee” system. Meanwhile, Trump has gone above and beyond for Israel, squandering American good-will and soft power to cater to the narrow interests of the Israeli Likud party. Trump did everything for Israel previous Presidents, Republican or Democrat, refused to do: move the embassy to Jerusalem, station US troops in occupied…

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