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Lightnin Hopkins Who’s afraid of Lightnin’ Hopkins?

Ever since Richard Spencer popularized the concept of the ethnostate within the Alt-Right, corporate media outlets have used the not-so-novel term as a scare word to associate white nationalism with “ethnic cleansing” and visions of an America plunged into chaos and terrorist violence. The reality, however, is that the ethnostate is a specter as old as civilization itself – and one that has always haunted the United States, regardless of whether it ever fully manifested itself as a formal reality. Discussions of the partition of the United States into ethnic zones have a long history in America, and perhaps the greatest tragedy of the American experience is that the can has been kicked down the road for so many years – centuries even – with talk of partition increasingly being relegated to the sphere of marginal neo-Confederate militia kookiness, the prospects seemingly less and less…

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