Aryan Skynet

“Screw your optics, I’m going in – “– Robert Bowers, 46, a Pittsburgh resident who the FBI said was not previously known to law enforcement.

According to one Gab user, Bower’s account had one post in July, then went silent for a couple of months, then posted a number of messages in the last few weeks., which has almost always been described as “far right” because of its no-censorship policy, has now been banned from payment processors Paypal and Stripe and even lost its hosting provider.

Red Ice recently pointed out that the music video “America” by rapper “Childish Bambino” depicts mass murder, but is not age restricted, yet an “Alt Right” video which has zero violence of any kind is placed on “age restriction” due to “community guidelines.” It goes without saying that no businesses have ever suspended any relationships with Google, Facebook, or Twitter due to use…

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