Hipster Racist invites your thoughts on Charlottesville.

Aryan Skynet

I go away for a week and the race war starts without me.

The Alt Right “Unite the Right” rally happened over the weekend. Antifa and the Democrats showed up, started a riot, the Democratic government of Virginia and Charlottesville called out the National Guard, a police helicopter crashed, killing two, and someone ran their car into a crowd of protestors, killing one and seriously injuring dozens.

The media is essentially claiming that “Trump Nazis” have started a civil war with terrorist attacks. One thing this shows is that the left is far better organized than the right. The left has practice getting people to show up at the same time in the same place on a regular basis, and leftists, being concentrated in the cities, can do public protests better than the right. If there really were some sort of serious violence, how would the right win? For all…

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