Aryan Skynet

The late Native American dissident thinker and scholar David Yeagley expressed a frustration with white conservatives’ befuddlement with regard to the place of Amerindians in their political mythology. The history of European-Americans’ often violent conquest of the West offers little in the way of ammunition to the likes of Constitution-fetishizing social justice warriors like Glenn Beck, so their response, Yeagley asserted, has been to ignore this history and Native Americans almost entirely – and this, according to Yeagley, represents a lost opportunity. Rather than whistling past the burial mound, he suggested, those whites interested in retaining what their forebears won for them on the battlefield ought, rather, to remember and honor the Indians’ bloody opposition.

[…] I have presented the Indian as the true talisman of the American spirit. Without the Indian, white America is incomplete. It lacks a land base. The Indian is that land base. Indian people have…

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