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Ron Goldman “Friends and family describe the aspiring actor and part-time model, as a free spirit with a big heart, who often volunteered his time to work with people with disabilities.” Great detective work, NBC. Keep up the stellar totally-not-fake-news journalism.

Readers may remember a previous post of mine regarding revisionist investigations of the O.J. Simpson murder case. Just as a tardy addendum, I thought that readers might enjoy a couple of interesting clips I came across this week. First, just look at the panic that spicy tribesman Geraldo Rivera exhibits when Los Angeles physician Dr. Henry S. Johnson brings up the mystery of Ron Goldman’s sealed criminal file:

O.J. innocent? Crooked Jews? You must be a Kool-Aid-drinking UFO fanatic! Johnson’s brother researcher Thomas H. Johnson, meanwhile, tells private investigator and podcast host Ed Opperman the story of what he experienced when he attempted to gain access to the Goldman file. The…

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