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Grand Socco Gran Socco – Tangier, Morocco

A reader expressed some interest in hearing about my trip to Morocco. It isn’t a pleasant memory. Back in the darkness of the late George W. Bush years, I was busily sleep-digging myself into a debt-grave, buying myself things I didn’t need in order to compensate for the meaninglessness of my life. I felt I had to do something radical to break out of the coffin-confines of my cubicle routine and so I decided, without telling anybody, to fly to Morocco and treat myself to an African adventure. Tangier was supposed to be where cool, weird people like Brion Gysin, William Burroughs, “Alfred Chester”, and Paul Bowles went to create and to become themselves. I was still naïve and sheltered enough that the idea of expatriate cosmopolitan degeneracy somehow still seemed exciting and interesting. Back in those days I was wasting a lot of my…

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