An interesting proposition from Hipster Racist.

Aryan Skynet

A humble suggestion: North American pro-Whites should infiltrate the Freemason fraternity as entryists and leverage it as a crypto-White platform for furthering White Nationalism. The reasons are not ideological, but pragmatic. Consider:

1. Freemasonry is not ideological in and of itself, thus can be adapted to White purposes. Most of its rituals are based on Biblical and Christian stories mixed in with classical pre-science, Greek/Roman paganism and medieval Christian mysticism. Catholic, Eastern Orthodox – and Jewish – superstitions about Masonry are wrong, it is not Jewish and has never been Jewish, the medieval mysticism is based on the Christian interpretations of the Old Testament and the Christian Kabbalah.

2. The rituals and symbolism of Freemasonry are completely flexible and have been changed numerous times to fit in with contemporary needs. In the same way that early alchemy eventually gave way to modern chemistry, so early “magic geometry” eventually gave way…

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