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Wyndham Lewis 2 Wyndham Lewis around the time of the First World War

The writer and painter Wyndham Lewis presents a study in contradictions. He was, for one, a violent man and a soldier who longed for peace. “Lewis as an artist and as a writer is an American, a Briton, an Englishman, a Europeanist, a modernist who advocated ultimately the values of tradition within the vortex of force that he put forward, and I personally think he was a great man in his troublesome and vexatious way,” Jonathan Bowden avers1; but he was also a revolutionary, both artistically and politically, and reluctant to be constrained by the particulars of an exclusive nationality. “Wyndham Lewis was an exemplary modernist cosmopolitan: born a citizen of three nations, Lewis extensively toured the artistic scenes of pre-War Europe as a young bohemian,” points out Emmett Stinson:

[…] Lewis’s autobiographical works emphasize his unequivocal belief…

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