Aryan Skynet

Stonewall 2 Unrest at the Stonewall Inn, 1969. Site of the coming-out party for today’s gay rights movement, the Stonewall was a disgusting dive operated by the Genovese crime family.

J. Edgar Hoover, it is now generally recognized, was a woefully compromised public servant who allowed organized crime to prosper under his auspices – all while pursuing chimerical communist bogeys into the fifties and sixties. Did the Israelis hold Hoover’s leash? The answer may lie with Hoover’s involvements with Roy Cohn, Meyer Lansky, and a homosexual blackmail operation utilizing underaged boys.

Justin Cascio summarizes the New York syndicate-homo connection at Mafia Genealogy – also introducing an odd character nicknamed “The Skull”:

Lucky Luciano built the Genovese monopoly on gay nightlife in New York City in the 1930s. […]

Of the Five Families of New York, Lucky Luciano’s was the one we now call the Genovese crime family. […] Until 1957, when Vito Genovese…

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