Aryan Skynet

LONDON — President Trump on Thursday denounced U.S. leaks about Britain’s investigation of the Manchester terrorist bombing as “deeply troubling” and asked the Justice Department and other agencies to launch a full investigation.

Leaks from the ongoing probe — including the publication of crime-scene photos in the New York Times and the naming of the suspected bomber by U.S. broadcasters — have provoked ire from British officials.

In response to the disclosures, British police investigating the Manchester attack took the highly unusual step of withholding information from U.S. agencies, which they say are responsible for the leaks. But by late Thursday evening, police said they had resumed intelligence sharing following “fresh assurances.”

Suicide bomber Salem Abedi grew up in south Manchester, which has been home to a string of extremists and terrorists in recent years, many with strong Libyan connections.

Security services were last night urgently investigating if…

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