Aryan Skynet

In preparing a future post about the Jewish involvement in a particularly nasty New York criminal enterprise, my researches led me to consult Taylor Branch and Eugene Propper’s 1982 book Labyrinth, an investigation into the assassination of Chilean socialist politician Orlando Letelier. I was looking specifically for information about a minor Israeli-American underworld figure, but one unrelated paragraph caught my eye, striking me as absurd and deserving comment. The passage concerns Inés “Mariana” Callejas, a Chilean girl who, seduced by socialism and Zionism, ran off to occupied Palestine to live and work on a kibbutz:

By then she was known as Anat, having rejected as too Catholic her given name, Inés, and her nickname, Mariana. She also made a practical adjustment to the harsh life on the frontier, where the men outnumbered the women four to one, and where many of the refugees, with tattoos and vacant stares from…

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