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Bill Clinton’s relationship with “the Jews” was a complex one during the nineties and resists easy classification. His affinity for the globalizing and financializing tendencies of these years is well-known; but the president’s relationship with the Israel lobby was more problematic. “Perhaps the most ambitious, and certainly one of the most remarkable examples of coercion,” writes John Hughes-Wilson in The Secret State, was “the astonishing attempt by Israel to blackmail Bill Clinton, the President of the most powerful country on earth, the United States.”1 “The trap closed in October 1998, when Clinton called the Wye River Summit with Benjamin Netanyahu (replacing the assassinated Yitzak Rabin) plus Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, in an attempt to keep the doomed Oslo peace process alive,” Hughes-Wilson reveals:

In the margins of this high-level summitry Netanyahu quietly dropped his bombshell: he informed a startled Bill Clinton that the Israelis had hard evidence from…

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