I’d never heard of this Areola Grande person before today. Who knew being an Elmer the Bull impersonator could be so lucrative?

Aryan Skynet

The goal of “ISIS” is to force Europeans to ethnically cleanse Muslims from Europe.

Muslims gained nothing from any terrorist attack from 9/11 on. Every terrorist attack hurt the Muslim diaspora. There were no strategic goals realized – even Bin Laden’s stated goal of getting US troops out of Saudi Arabia was never really achieved.

The West is the world’s preeminent military power, the Muslim world is barely above third world level and is third world level in many places. All the “ISIS” and “Al Qaeda” terrorism has done is to give a pretext for Western intervention into the Muslim world, from Afghanistan to Iraq, from Libya to Syria.

Without Muslim terrorism, Europe would have slowly been taken over by Muslims simply via immigration and birth rates. Without Muslim terrorism, America would have continued to be an ally of various oil-producing Arab nations – there was a time when Muslims…

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