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Prokofiev Sergei Prokofiev

Sergei Prokofiev (1891-1953) is generally recognized as one of the greatest of Russian composers. Working in a variety of genres, Prokofiev wrote for cinema, ballet, opera, and small ensembles in addition to composing symphonies. An avant-gardist during the early period of his career, Prokofiev came to embrace a role as a nationalist in music and would, in time, return to traditional themes just as he returned to his native country after sojourning abroad. One of the ironies of Russian cultural history is that some of the most gorgeous, most quintessentially Russian music – such works as Prokofiev’s scores for the films Lieutenant Kije (1934), Alexander Nevsky (1938), and Ivan the Terrible (1945) – would not have come into existence if not for the cultural realignment effected by the non-Russian Soviet tyrant Joseph Stalin.

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Prokofiev, who developed a reputation as an experimenter with compositions like the Scythian…

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