Crazy, but likeable Nigga Dennis Rodman has spoken out, putting a human face on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

In reality, Kim is probably an actor–a figurehead doing the bidding of a dozen North Korean generals who are the real rulers of the country. Kim’s job is to act crazy in order to deter an attack on his country by Western (((bankers))) ready to install a Rothschild central bank in one of the few countries without one. That’s my theory anyway. If you have a theory you’d like to share, go ahead and have your say.

Daily Mail

Kim Jong-un loves the theme song to the movie Rocky and TV series Dallas, plays table tennis and enjoys karaoke, according to his pal Dennis Rodman.

In an interview with DuJour Magazine, the former NBA star says that his friend is misunderstood by both the mainstream media and the public and…

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