Aryan Skynet

Bannon Steve Bannon appears forlorn in several recent photographs. Has the hope for a truly “America First” foreign policy been lost with his fall from favor?

Steve Bannon’s removal from the president’s National Security Council earlier this month, followed in close succession by last week’s missile strike in Syria, has generated consensus within the Alt-Right – or at least that portion of it that eschews the 4D chess hypothesis – that likely Mossad asset Jared Kushner and wife Ivanka were the parties responsible for the controlled demolition of the Trump administration’s relations with Russia.

The move against Bannon was attributed to anti-Russian hawk H.R. McMaster, who downplays the importance of the shake-up; but The Hillcorroborates the case for the Bannon-Kushner conflict’s centrality to the abrupt shift in Trump’s foreign policy:

[…] chief White House strategist Stephen Bannon is increasingly isolated and will be forced out if he is unable to…

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