Aryan Skynet

[Aryan Skynet is proudly nonplussed to present this admittedly penetrating guest post from prominent independent researcher, physicist, mathematician, photographic detective, and portraitist Meters W. Mathis. – Rainer Chlodwig von K.]

MetersMeters Meters W. Mathis, reporting from deep inside the rabbit hole.

As usual, this is just my opinion, based on the facts presented to us, protected as free speech.

A number of readers have solicited from me my opinion of an “anti-Semitic” gossip website calling itself The Aryan Skynet. Are the contributors to this site respectful of their readers’ desire to learn the nasty secrets of Jewish and Mexican intelligence operations – or are they playing them all for fools? A week-long research into the website, its writers, their methodology, and connections has led me to a single conclusion: The Aryan Skynet is a rather haphazardly mounted Hasbara charade.

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