Hipster Racist stages his own color revolution.

Aryan Skynet

White people just can’t win.

They tell us we’re supposed to “celebrate diversity” and we’re accused of “ignorance” if we don’t. But then when we do try to appreciate aspects of foreign cultures, we’re accused of “cultural appropriation” and “exoticization.”

The latest “hipster racist” outrage is Mormons in Utah celebrating Holi, the Hindu Holiday. (After all, if anyone is “white” it’s Mormons in Utah.) Carol Kuruvilla at the Huffington Post points and sputters:

Hipsters, Please Don’t Culturally Appropriate Holi On Instagram: Learn about this “color festival” you’re celebrating.

Thousands are expected to crowd outside Utah’s Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple this weekend for what might be the largest celebration of Holi in the United States.

Although Holi is tied to Hinduism, many attendees will likely be young Mormons from nearby schools like Brigham Young University, lured by the promise of big, colorful, messy party.

In recent years, Hindu Americans have…

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