Aryan Skynet’s resident rock critic Don Logan autopsies Lou Reed’s super-Jewy 1989 release New York.

Aryan Skynet

Lou Reed Just Do It [insert Nike slogan] Recently I had the experience of listening to Lou Reed’s 1989 album, New York, unanimously revered among the pretentious and politically correct critics of rock and popular music. I had always been curious about the album due to the glowing reviews that it had received. While being no superfan of Lou Reed, I do count the Velvet Underground albums as favorites and have enjoyed a few of his solo albums from the 70s. I have not listened to a lot of his post-70s albums, but what I have heard was excruciatingly bad (Lulu with Metallica being the stinking worst), all of it bedecked with his stridently non-musical narrator-style “singing” voice which became more pronounced with age. So with a solid familiarity with the man and his media-scripted degenerate junkie myth, I delved into this heralded album released at the close of Reagan’s presidency, in some…

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