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Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood is infamous for its Hasidim – the ultra-Orthodox Jews who habitually inconvenience their neighbors with their bizarre behavior and their ritual insistences. Visitors to Wikipedia wanting to learn about Hasidic Judaism are informed that it “is noted for its religious conservatism and social seclusion.”1 This people’s holiness is such that women are obliged to step aside for men in the street and to go out of their way not to touch the men if, for instance, money changes hands in a shop.

Observance of this rule outside the confines of the community is, however, somewhat slack. “All these really holy roller Hassids stop on Allen Street prior to going over the Williamsburg Bridge to get the nightly blowjob,” says one of the officers interviewed for Mark Baker’s 1985 book Cops: Their Lives in Their Own Words.

It’s the funniest sight you ever want to see…

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