You can take the “college” football star out of the ghetto, but can you take the ghetto out of the “college” football star?

Aryan Skynet

“Throughout America, college campuses are reliving the Jim Crow South where black men stereotyped as rapists were lynched by the Ku Klux Klan,” thunders a dindu website, Save Our Sons, in perfect earnest. “Today at colleges when a white female accuses a black male of assaulting her, Title IX teaches that she is to be believed automatically. This brazen and radical feminist stance of ‘believe’ is leading to hundreds of innocent males being falsely accused, expelled and denied a college education for life.”

Under this is a series of links to “true stories of alleged campus sexual assaults involving innocent-accused black college men being lynched by white college feminists and their fake accusations” – for example, “Sexy Consenting Female w 3 Black Males. She Accuses…

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