Aryan Skynet

putin Putin exhibits the suckiness of the Russian Octopus.

Donald Trump’s February 28th address to a joint session of Congress – in addition to reiterating the need for increased border security and for the expulsion of criminal aliens while also allowing implicitly for the amnesty of those illegals living in the United States not otherwise engaged in criminal activity – was typically sphinx-like on foreign policy. Trump abhorred superfluous wars, but pledged allegiance to Israel and proposed to “rebuild” America’s military with still more lavish spending and made a vague allusion to future victories on the battlefields of some country or other.

Trump was silent on Russia, which has fueled the fevered imaginations of so many of the CIA’s dupes among the president’s enemies of late; but something like a show of strength or bellicosity might be inferred from the commitment to NATO that Trump expressed this evening. NATO, the…

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