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Scrolling through Faceberg, I noticed a conservative shared this story along with an enthusiastic comment about Trump finally cracking down on degenerate liberal Hollywood celebrities taking drugs.

BREAKING: 7 Liberal ‘Heroes’ Arrested In Oscar Party Drug Raid

According to the White House OIP, President Trump directed the DEA and FBI to create a joint strike team to infiltrate the infamous drug-addled parties that notoriously follow the Oscars and to “make an example” of their hosts. The operation went off without a hitch, with the homes or privately-funded club parties of seven prominent liberals ending in shutdowns and arrests.

According to Madeleine Shwiskler, Deputy White House Propagandist:

“President Trump has attended some of these parties personally in the past and has often spoken of their heinous anti-government undertones and blatant drug use. These are exactly the kinds of events that the administration will be shutting down. Getting them on drug charges…

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