HuffPo title: Tucker Carlson Thinks Moonlight’s Best Picture Win Was Because Of ‘Affirmative Action’

Tucker Carlson is getting under their skin. They’re triggered!!!

Snark disguised as news from HuffPo. Ugh!

Excerpt from the Huffington Post

Don’t worry everyone Tucker has it covered.

You know Tucker Carlson right? The guy Jon Stewart once obliterated on CNN for the world to see? Yes, the guy with the fifth grader’s haircut who admitted to not watching the Oscar-nominated movie “Moonlight,” and now is here to tell us why “Moonlight” really won best picture at the Academy Awards. Drum roll please: Because it was a “foregone conclusion.” Of course. Why else would an all black cast, with black directors, focusing on the journey of a marginalized member of society win an award? On merit? Merit smerit.

Carlson believes that the “political implications” of the feature, which boasts some of the most promising young actors…

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