Aryan Skynet


Among political commentators identifying as men of the Left, Gearoid O Colmain is one of the few – James Petras and Michel Chossudovsky being two others who immediately come to mind – who can be relied upon to offer a sincere perspective which, if not exactly sympathetic to the identitarian viewpoint, at least takes into consideration the actual forces engaged in violently reconfiguring the globe. O Colmain is particularly noteworthy within his political cohort for his willingness to acknowledge the truth about false flag terrorist acts as well as the following economic realities:

One of the problems for the Left, generally – and that’s to say, kind of, where I come from ideologically – is that Marxists traditionally never supported immigration. I mean, if you read works of Marx and Engels, they understood that migration, or immigration, was a tool of the [upper] class to drive down wages and…

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