I don’t necessarily agree with the nonchalance implied by the statement, “No matter what Hollywood does, White women tend to only date and marry White men.” A person’s perception of this issue is probably shaped to a great extent by where he or she resides. I happen to live in an economically depressed urban area with lots of blacks and Mexicans and a disturbing prevalence of bottom-of-the-barrel whites. I read this post, for instance, after getting home from lunch at a restaurant polluted by the presence of multiple interracial couples. Wiggers and other varieties of whites with destroyed minds and bodies are an everyday sight, and a few weeks ago I was horrified at the appearance and sounds of a teenage wigger sitting and jabbering with his black girlfriend and making that godawful snorting noise that blacks like to make. Low-IQ whites appear to have a brittle and highly susceptible sense of racial and cultural identity – but maybe we’re better off without them? Even so, the aesthetic effect of biracial children – who made up seven percent of babies born in the U.S. at the time of the last census – always repulses me like something out of a Cronenberg movie.


Aryan Skynet

White Nationalism is the idea that White people, like all other people, should have their own homelands. But globalism, while virtually always anti-white in practice, in theory is against homelands for anybody.

In an era of jet travel and instant world-wide communication, even if White people had their own homelands, they would obviously interact with non-White people. They would continue to travel the world, as tourist, as workers for foreign companies, and for international academic conferences.

Even in a White Nationalist state, there would be international cities, with non-white foreign populations whether temporary or more or less permanent. There would be non-white tourists and visitors.

Can white people have a sense of themselves as people even in the midst of a mixed or largely non-white population? Certainly among expatriate populations around the world, white Europeans and Americans often live and socialize among each other. To the consternation of anti-whites everywhere…

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