To quote Connor MacLeod, “There can be only one!”

Aryan Skynet

There is a sinister organization that is trying to worm its way in to our ranks, and we must not be duped, we must not be deceived. This is serious business. We have heard what conservatism is, we have to make sure we know what conservatism is not.

Just a few years ago, this hate-filled, left-wing fascist group hijacked the very term “alt-right.” That term, “alt-right,” it has been used for a long time in a very good and normal way. This group has hijacked it – hijacked the term. And they did it intentionally because they wanted to deceive the media and they wanted to deceive you all about what they stand for so they can try to become normalized – and we must not allow them to become normalized. They are not part of us. They stole the term specifically to confuse us.

We know who these people…

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