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nasser Gamal Abdel Nasser, titan of Pan-Arab nationalism

Richard Spencer, in his 2013 lecture “Why We Need Europe”, observes that “for some time now, the traditionalist right in Britain and on the continent has been animated by opposition to the European Union. We rage, and we probably enjoy raging, against a bureaucratic superstate that seems at once impotent, annoying, clueless, and totalitarian. The EU, we like to think, is the triumph of everything awful in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.” Spencer, however, looks to “solutions that lie outside of the nation-state box” and suggests that the European Union, if commandeered for identitarian purposes, might provide the infrastructure for reclamation of its constituent territories by its indigenous peoples – “a racial and civilizational superstate on the European continent”1.

Dirk van Laak explains the curious manner in which the movement for European unification was hastened a half a century ago by…

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