Assorted impressions of movements within the Trump administration vis-a-vis Russia and intensification of the New Cold War. Thoughts?

Aryan Skynet

Hey look, what’s going on in the intelligence community with this new President is unprecedented. They are making every effort to upend him. Who knows what the truth is anymore? This is like the electronic version of Mad Magazine, Spy vs. Spy. The bottom line is we should not against start a Cold War again with Russia. The American people forked over billions of dollars for the last one and it changed the quality of life in this country. There is something wrong going on here in the intelligence community. — Dennis Kucinich, former Democratic Presidential Candidate and Representative from Ohio.

A Russian spy ship was spotted patrolling off the East Coast of the United States on Tuesday morning, the first such instance during the Trump administration — and the same day it was learned the Kremlin had secretly deployed controversial cruise missiles inside Russia and flew within 200 yards…

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