Aryan Skynet

In May of last year, as the Trump Train was chugging to its upset victory that November, Joy-Ann Reid of The Daily Beast published an article titled “Mr. Trump’s All-White Nostalgia Movement”. Trump, she notes, “pulled GOP general election voters into the primaries by exciting white male voters like few candidates since Ronald Reagan” – and the Reagan comparison was of course courted by Trump, whose highly successful campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” was an echo of Reagan’s “Let’s make America great again” (italics added), the inclusiveness of the “Let’s” replaced by the titanic and imperial capitalization of MAGA. Trump himself was little more than Reagan era tabloid residue before he reinvented himself for the Bush years as a reality TV star, and remains inextricably linked with the eighties, its themes, and the prosperity many Americans associate with that period. President Reagan, in turn, was, like Trump…

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