1,135 words Hidden Figures, a.k.a., We Wuz Astronautz, tells the story of three black women who worked at NASA in 1961 struggling for equal rights both as blacks and as women. The movie tells us that it is “based on true events,” and the three women — mathematician Katherine Johnson, computer programmer Dorothy Vaughan, and engineer Mary Jackson — actually did exist. But it is not clear if any of the struggles and achievements depicted actually happened, or if they are just-so stories. The moral of the movie, however, is quite clear: three unsung black women played an essential role in the US space program.  Now hold on just a minute. European man’s conquest of space is one of our greatest achievements. So of course the Left wants to find or create non-whites who contributed to the process. It is called Afrocentric “cultural appropriation.” “Kangz,” for short. Given that intelligence is distributed on bell curves, even though African blacks have an average IQ of 70 and African

Source: Trevor Lynch reviews Hidden Figures | Counter-Currents Publishing