Housni Diakité - Black Supremacist

If you haven’t heard of Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala, it’s just another case of anti-Black hate ignored and in this case encouraged by the media.

Dieudonné is a Franco-Camerooneese comedian who started his career as an anti-racist house negro for his jewish masters.

In the typical fashion of any house negro comedian (Chris Rock, Trevor Noah, Jamie Foxx…), he used to be a whore of the jewish anti-Black establishment and promote “anti-racism”, race-mixing and “tolerance”.

And for his services as a house negro, he was rewarded with media attention and airtime.

But unlike the rest of the media whores that pass as “black comedians” today, Dieudonné refused to sell out his race for fame and profit.

He started questioning the influence of the jewish “minority” in show business, in banking, in politics and in education.

Worst of all, he started questioning the policies of the terrorist state of Israel.

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