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groupies Is the “New World Order” what we think it is?

“When we survey the modern world, especially of people of European origin and the developed parts of East Asia, there is clearly a problem stemming from certain sexual imbalances,” writes Andrea Ostrov Letania at Paradoxy. “Consider the declining birth rates among white women and the problems of white males in finding worthy partners in marriage.” A specter, it seems, is haunting Europe – the specter of sexual socialism.

A contributor to the Red Pill subreddit celebrates what he terms “The Death of Sexual Socialism”:

It’s a human system (sexual market) the establishment interjected themselves into to become the monopolizers of social order. The Church also did this arm in arm with the prevailing nationalist establishment so as to maintain a permanent monopoly and a means to siphoning the productive powers of men, and or getting money. […] Women…

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