Aryan Skynet

sexybitch This is the face you have to thank for icareviews not being on Twitter anymore. Yes, this is actually her face. No joke. And I assume that this is just the way she typically looks and that nobody asked her, “Hey make an evil Jew face for the camera.”

This caricature messaged me, asking me if I’d like to chat with her for an article her shitrag website was going to be doing about “Holocaust denial”. I didn’t really care either way. Sure, it would be a lark to get my twitter handle mentioned again on some marginal mainstream site and thereby gain a little bit of internet notoriety; but at the same time I figured it would just be a smear job, probably with a picture of some KKK guys marching in sheets or some sieg-heiling skinheads to accompany the article. Anyway, I checked her out to see who…

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