Aryan Skynet

Andrew Joyce at NPI’s Radix Journal interviews two “Alt Right” Jews, “Reactionary Jew” and “The Rebbe,” on Jews who identify with the “Alt Right” and their ideas of how Whites and Jews who identify as “Alt Right” can work together, or otherwise come to some sort of arrangement.

This writer chimed in with some ideas on how Jews who are sincerely pro-White can help the cause:

There are “levels” to how well meaning Jews can help our cause.

1. The best thing that Jews can do to help our cause is to immediately buy a one way ticket to Israel. This is, in fact, such an effective way to help our cause it would be worth it for Whites to actually assist Jews in this endeavor in every way possible – up to and including donating financially to help charter the ships and planes.

2. The second best thing that…

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