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trump-israel “Mister, have I got a deal for you …”

President-elect Donald Trump has made no secret of his desire either to renegotiate or “terminate” the North American Free Trade Agreement, which he has singled out as the “worst trade deal in history”. The result of lobbying by Israeli asset Rahm Emanuel during the Clinton years, NAFTA, which accounts for an estimated one million lost U.S. jobs, had its precedent in a less well-known but no less insidious trade agreement involving America’s “greatest ally”. The United States-Israel Free Trade Agreement, as the Jewish Virtual Library’s scribe praises its putative benefits,

eliminated all duties and virtually all other restrictions on trade in goods between the two countries. The FTA was signed April 22, 1985, by the United States Trade Representative (USTR) and the Israeli Minister of Industry and Trade and was officially entered into force in September of that year after it…

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