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Aryan Skynet

Richard Nixon’s foreign policy guru Henry Kissinger is frequently categorized as a proponent of realpolitik – a “realist” in international relations – as opposed to a Zionist or a neoconservative; but, while Kissinger’s aims and those of the neoconservatives have not always been identical, it would be a mistake not to take Kissinger’s Jewishness into consideration as a factor in the Middle East policies he devised for the Nixon administration.

Kissinger’s sympathy for the Zionist project came to the fore more than once, somewhat subtly with regard to Israel’s nuclear weapons program. A declassified 1969 memorandum reveals that Kissinger acknowledged a nuclear Israel as a destabilizing development; but, as Patrick Slattery parses the document, it also shows America’s national security advisor to lurk somewhere in the vicinity of the Israelis’ corner in the deliberations.

[…] it becomes apparent upon reading the documents that while the gentiles in the administration wanted…

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