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History’s bigger and more convenient lies enjoy an endless shelf life, it would seem. The liberal wisdom according to which Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was targeted for regime change in 2003 at the behest of American Big Oil interests is one of the twenty-first century’s classic examples. Fahrenheit 9/11 filmmaker Michael Moore used the occasion of President Obama’s appointment of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense in 2013 to remind the readership of The Huffington Post that, “back in 2007, Chuck Hagel went totally crazy and told the truth about our invasion of Iraq.” “People say we’re not fighting for oil,” Hagel had said. “Of course we are. […] We’re not there for figs.”1

The “blood for oil” libel, a popular one among liberals, is one of those conspiracy theories that even the “Fake News”-averse government-media complex has no scruples about perpetuating. Oil was a “prime motivator” for…

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