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Richard Spencer’s mother is under attack by Jews.

In a hilariously, stereotypically Jewish manner, a (((real estate agent))) is extorting Spencer’s mother into selling her property. The Jews in Whitefish, Montana are threatening to interrupt her vacation rental business by holding “protests” at the property if she won’t sell.

The tactics are, of course, well known to Palestinians. One amazing story was of an Israeli trying to get a Palestinian mother to sell her child’s organs after he was murdered by a Jew.

Most normal people couldn’t imagine the “chutzpah.” What is chutzpah? Chutzpah is killing your parents then begging the court for mercy because you’re an orphan.

But this is mainstream in Jewish culture. Alan Dershowitz, the Jew Zionist lawyer most notable for being accused of raping White children in cahoots with convicted Jew pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, titled his book “Chutzpah.”

In a hardly surprising turn of events, the…

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