Aryan Skynet

On December 11th, 2002, Comedy Central aired a South Park episode, “Red Sleigh Down”, in which Santa Claus is captured and sexually tortured by Iraqis. Within a matter of months, however, sadistic American television children like Lynndie England would be the ones humiliating and tormenting captured Iraqis rather than the other way around.

That Christmas Eve of 2002, as UN inspectors ransacked his country to locate its weapons of mass destruction, Saddam Hussein issued a holiday message to his people and to the world. It reads, in part, as follows:

To our great people and the people of our glorious Arab nation, especially the Christians amongst them, as well as to all honourable people, whenever they may be on this planet…

saddam Saddam Hussein

These days we receive, together with mankind as a whole, the occasion of Christmas, the birthday of Jesus Christ, son of Mary, prayers and peace…

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