To be continued … ?

Aryan Skynet

But The Fatal Eggs only gives a fleeting mention of foreign involvement at the most sensitive levels in Russian government. The most damning metaphor comes from Master and Margarita and is Bulgakov’s use of Ambassador Bullitt’s 1935 Spring Festival as the model for the Devil’s (Woland’s) ball.

Is there anything American about ‘The Spring Ball of the Full Moon’?

Well, now, let’s see. The guests are all criminals who “welded immense power in their own day”; they come from all over the globe. There are rivers of champagne; pools of liquor; walls of imported flowers; and a plethora of exotic animals on loan for the guests’ amusement. The party’s servants are not local Russians, but Blacks who are either naked or dressed in fairy-tale costumes. The female guests are also naked, but wear heels, dazzling jewels and fanciful head-dresses. Music abounds: an orchestra and a roaring jazz band compete for…

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