Aryan Skynet

They both show up at events and “protest.” This activity involves holding signs, sometimes chanting slogans, and most of all getting airplay on the TV or a youtube clip embedded on a popular internet site. The police are the referees, letting each side knows where they are allowed to stand. While all “public protests” are generally similar, in the Current Year we’ve had “anti-fa” vs. “fa.”

For the last decade, anytime a White organization like Jared Taylor’s American Reinassance or Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute tried to hold a conference, the “Antifa” staged a “protest.” The targets were the conference goers, anyone plausibly associated with them, Republicans generally and now Donald Trump particularly.


Among the other side appear this group, “Fa.” Fa wants to “take it to the streets” and “battle” the Antifa. The Fa wants to use the same tactics as Antifa, namely: holding signs, sometimes chanting slogans, and…

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